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Web Tips

Updated 21/1/13

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This page

We give some pointers on what could be of use to small to medium size organisations around using the internet. This is not intended to be a comprehensive approach, more what we have found, or know is, useful.



This page is a briefings/listings style cross, part of Specialist IT section.

Getting Started on the Internet

Further resources


Making Sense of the Internet, Mark Watson, published by National Institute for Social Work (1998), ISBN 1 899942 23 8, £6-50. Subtitled 'a guide for small voluntary organisations', available via DSC.

Business, the Internet and the Law - 'your entry point to the world of e-commerce'. Tolley's ISBN 0 7545 0107 8 £49-95.

Online Communication

Email/discussion lists

News Feeds, Podcasts, Blogs

See CharityBlog for some live examples of sector productions.

Web Site development

See Web Services for design, development and technical stuff. If you want to do as much as possible yourself, see our page on web accessibility which also covers usability etc.

Simple web pages/sites

Facilities and tools

Note: info here could do with an update!

Homestead is one of the most well known free facilities. Now allows fast drag and drop site creation plus a whole host of extras, including email account. Should still be 'clubs and organisations' templates there somewhere.

LivePerson (was HumanClick) is a utility for connecting web visitors to a live, human operator.

How we got this site going

VR started out by using software from front cover CD-ROMS of such magazines as InternetWorks and .net - Arachnoid, CuteFTP and then a Dreamweaver 30 day demo. This is probably the best way to try out ideas and software. There is also a lot you can download over the web, but phone bills soon mount up with 15 minute sessions, and you usually end up without any 'getting started' documentation.

We currently use a variety of software tools, but mainly Adobe Dreamweaver for its ability to keep things simple. Kerchunga's content management technology has been retired - News, Events and Jobs on VoluntaryNews now powered by WordPress (was Drupal) as is CharityBlog. Current web link checker is Xenu's Link Sleuth.