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Web or Internet Based Services

Updated 25/11/13

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Any internet services (sometimes known as Application Service Providers, or ASPs) not more specifically covered elsewhere.


Contact Communication

including case/client management systems

Web systems which are readily usable to provide communication with members, partners; intranets or extranets (facilitating working across teams or organisations); general sector management and admin. There has been quite a turnover in the simpler (marketing-based) offerings, but at summer 2005 they may be settling down and systems covering other functions are coming in. Note overlap with Membership software page. ALSO NOTE: a few years on from when this page was set up it is probably time for it to disappear, given that web features are now common.

Project/Team Working

Communications, calendar, task coordination facilities.

Note: most of the following was compiled up to 2001 - some of the providers may have merged or ceased providing facilities.


The internet/web approach used internally to the organisation, or restricted to partner organisations. Try - post messages, documents, links, integrate selected web pages, with password access to Now (autumn 05) rebranded as Web Office.