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Membership Software

System Suppliers

Updated 25/11/13

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Membership systems and suppliers, including contact management systems designed for voluntary organisations. Split into

  • Noted suppliers, where we have been able to take, or get, a considered view of the product.
  • Web-based systems.
  • Other suppliers.

Also see the closely connected Membership Software Intro page which covers: Preparing to choose a system; related software; further info.


Noted Suppliers

This selection is not definitive, but generally we have seen their products in action or heard good reports. They should still be checked out properly by you.

Web-based systems

Note: This section was set up when web features in membership systems were rare. It is now common that there is some element of over-the-net functionality in packages. However, those in this section are aimed entirely at use over the internet or an intranet.

Kingston Smith Association Management are offering hosted software (ASP) to outsource membership organisations' data management (and communication) needs, including membership database. Contact Paul Neale, phone 01727 896030, email:

ActivityForum is a web-based service that helps clubs, societies and social groups to list their memberships and run events. The same company also has a community trading system, Agoria.

Assimilate from Ramesys (see entry below). A web-based 'knowledge management' solution (where knowledge means info about members interests and requirements) to deliver appropriate online info.

Portal Plus from Anglo-Europe (now 3-Si) works with their Association Plus software to provide various internet services - broadcasts, targeted email newsletters etc. See their entry below.

webALUMNUS hosted solution now appears to be focusing on the educational sector. From WCBS.

Also see the Web or Internet Based Services pages for developments in this area, some of which are cheap or even free.

Other Suppliers

Advanced NFP was Iris NFP, which itself took over/merged with a large number of software companies in this area. Their offerings now include:

CARE (was from Care Business Solutions) First membership system was installed in 1987. Used by RSPCA, RSPB, Save the Children (10 user to 1400 user systems, starting at £30,000, summer 04). Also outsourcing services.

Charisma (was from Minerva) Clients include RNLI, Nat Housing Federation, Dogs Trust.

Consensus focused around training course, membership administration and event management, with web-based .NET CRM application.

Integra software, as well as membership, has events, examination and case management options.

Profile Concept Has a particular niche in learned societies and professional bodies, but not limited to this, and specialise in membership systems. Web Access Module allows flexibility on which aspects of central database are web enabled.

Alphagen Tailor the Epicor CRM software for charity use, such as Sense, Leonard Cheshire Foundation. Phone 020 7284 8400, email:

3Si Open Market manages member details at an individual and organisational level. Subscriptions, Events, Product sales. Can be web enabled and tailored to specific organisation needs. Phone 01782 713409, email:

APT Solutions Stratum Contact Administration Designed for associations, charities, clubs, institutions, trades unions; runs on Windows NT or UNIX. Facilities include Contact Management, Subscription processing, Covenants, Legacies, Campaign Management, Conferences & Events, Examinations, CPD, Help Desk, Merchandising, Directory Publishing. Managing over 8 million contact records (at spring 07). Phone 01952 214000, email:

Ariadne Computer Systems Acquired by Miller Technology, April 2007. Customers for their membership system (AMS) include CAMRA, Royal College of Physicians, trade unions and friendly societies. Modules include membership, subscriptions, committees, events & venues; integrates with Microsoft Office and Exchange, uses SQL Server. Phone 01223 263243, email:

Avant-Garde Proclaim - as website now gone (forwards to Sys-Care) this software presumably no longer available. A donor and contact administration system, used by over 40 charities. From £750 for a single user (Lite version allows 10,000 records), developed with MS Access. Phone 020 8408 1590.

Care Management Systems, a division of CMAC Computer Systems, produce DonorFlex, which is mainly a fundraising tool. Phone 0121 458 7887, email:

Centrepoint Computer Services (site requires cookies) The Membership Management System, part of the Target range, manages details of members, supporters, and donors including financial subscriptions/donations. Has events and publications management modules too. Phone 020 8390 8899, email:

Data Developments 'for church and charities'. Membership Co-ordinator (£129 at spring 2013).

Dataware Consultancy Centre Subscriber.NET (developed in MS.NET technologies) includes member/contact management, events, fundraising and gift aid, volunteer management, BACS processing. Linked to MS Office. Phone 01375 489820.

Decisions Express The usual membership management competences (look under CMS on the web site), but 'unique replication ability' catering for the needs of regional structures - regional offices can handle new members and get data verified centrally later (very crudely put). Phone 020 8441 9800, email:

Deverill. SMART is targeted at Institutes, Professional Bodies and Membership Organisations. A modular, flexible, out-of-the-box solution which can be tailored or extended to meet the specific needs of an organisation, and includes modules for contact management, membership, events, training, CPD and recruitment administration, publications. Note: no information about this product seesm to be on the web site at MAr 05, so may be discontinued. Phone 01202 785000, email:

Exact Abacus 3EX. Mainly for commercial order processing, but has list/membership management capabilities. Installed software (min 4 users) or ASP (min 50 transactions/week) approach. Phone 01772 455052, email:

JA Computer Solutions Charitease#.

Miller Technology was set up to provide computer systems for the administrative requirements of membership-based organisations in the not-for-profit sector. Based on Oracle databases and online access, with customers handling from 5,000 to 2 million contacts/members. Contact Philip Crouch, Sales Director, phone 020 7843 9724.

Pangaea Consuling supplies systems based round Aptify - membership, events, susbcriptions, fundraising etc.

PowerDev (link problem Jan. 2013) Circle. For the smaller organisation (10,000 members is the suggested maximum). A simpler version of the system (at 2008) is free, can be downloaded from the website and used indefinitely. Interface is better designed than most competing products but we'd need to generate dummy data to find any other differentiating features. Presumably still requires Access 2000 or later. Phone 01923 831 706, email:

ProTech Computer Systems Pro-7 'Designed in conjunction with some of the UKs largest membership associations to handle diverse information management requirements, including membership, contacts, fundraising, marketing, events management.' Phone 01922 722280, email:

Rubicon# Accelerator. Phone 01276 706900, email:

SDA Software (originally suggested by a VolResource subscriber) provides online leisure management software, which includes sports clubs membership management.

Senior Internet supplies MemberBase, a CRM system specially developed for membership organisations (alternative link).

SystemWise MemberWise Facilities offered are: Membership Records, Subscription Calculation & Collection, Membership Administration, Club Accounting. Phone 0131 339 8304, email:

ThankQ Clients include Comic Relief, Concern Worldwide (Ireland). Has a Small Charity Edition? Phone 01509 235544.

Touchstone CRM.

TSG Tribe CRM for membership organisations.

Velum has disappeared into Godeltech, taking all traces of MRS (Membership Relationship System) with it (was RSS/Rivington Street Software/TISL).