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Professional Development

- Qualifications

Updated 25/11/13

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Diploma, Certificate, Foundation Degree, Masters, Postgrad Research or other level of qualification in more general areas of study (e.g. management, law, finance, communication), relevant to working in much of the voluntary sector.

  • Introduction and Foundation degrees info.
  • Online / e-learning, and distance /open offerings.
  • By location of educational institution.


  • Professional Development: general NVQs, courses (including foundation degrees) based on relevant issues such as regeneration, social enterprise, community work. We suggest looking at that page in conjunction with this one.
  • Some of the Professional Bodies offer more specific training for the charity professional.
  • There is a list of short course training suppliers. We also have an online training page.
  • For Events, Conferences, Seminars, see our Listings Section.
  • Training Resources includes a section on Work-related Learning - the various NTOs and government initiatives.


A listings style page, in the Training grouping.


Voluntary Sector Studies Network has a Courses section giving some details of those provided by its members. This may be updated quicker than our information below.

Foundation degrees

Foundation degrees are employment related higher education qualifications. As experience can be as important as traditional educational qualifications, usually there are no, or flexible, set entry requirements. While not on the same level as honours degrees, they can lead on to these. See Professional Development page for such courses in specific topics.

Online / national

By location