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Charity Tax Reclaim Services

Updated 16/5/11

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We list organisations providing some sort of service in connection with 'tax efficient giving'.


Most charities will be quite capable themselves of processing claims for tax under Gift Aid - the forms aren't complicated and there is cheap software available. See our reference page. But if you have loads of donations and few staff or volunteers, you might want somebody else to do the transfer of the information (name, payment amount and date) on to the claim form.

Other services offered include Give As You Earn (payroll giving) admin, facilities for donors to make all their charity giving tax efficient eg an account from which you make 'cheque' or card payments. The resulting payments can be quite time consuming to process: record donation, put on claim form or fill in voucher details, send off, reconcile payment when received. You need to make sure you dont reclaim tax (eg by Gift Aid) on donations made by one of these facilities, as it will already have been reclaimed. Also check that these payments are not for merchandise, publications or member benefits (except where this falls within the set allowances). Donors can easily get confused on this if order forms arent clear.