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Updated 25/11/13

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Suppliers with products targeted at, or particularly relevant to, the voluntary sector, charities; General charity deals/sources.

We would welcome more info on special offers or arrangements for voluntary organisations. Don't forget that students or educational establishments can often get special deals too, especially on software.



A good starting point if you are looking to purchase (or rent) new equipment is What to Buy for Business. Find it in your local (business) reference library, as you need to locate the most recent round-up of the area you are interested in.

Business Equipment Contracts: How To Avoid The Pitfalls is from NCVO, (1996, ISBN 0 7199 1509 0, £5-00) in association with the Photocopier and Business Equipment Users Association. See Publishers page re NCVO. A guide to buying and leasing photocopiers and fax equipment with an explanation of finance contracts.

For equipment generally, remember that it's not just the initial purchase price that matters - running costs and therefore 'total cost of ownership' (TCO) can vary a lot.

You may find the 'computer replacement strategy' (in Word format), drafted by Paul Ticher in connection with a UKRiders discussion, of interest.

There is a Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply, for those who are professionals in this area.

General Supplies and Deals

Sector Sources

General Sources

Specific items


Including printers, network kit etc. Also see Services - Computer, as many of those listed will supply hardware too. Also look under Environmental Impact page for more IT recycling firms.

Delivery services

Display stands, Exhibitions

Premises, Disaster Recovery

There are a number of other social enterprise initiatives around the country - keep your ears to the ground, as buildings tend to fill quickly.

Publicity Materials

Those suppliers who do more than purely fundraising items.

Recycled Supplies

Recycling your equipment

If you are upgrading IT systems, making old computers redundant, renewing furniture etc. check out Resource Extra - Environmental Impact.


See Accounts Software or Membership Software pages for suppliers in those specialist areas, and also the Computer Services listing page. And don't forget that there may be Open Source solutions covering what you want, such as Open Office.

There are various charity discounts available for Microsoft and other products. The different options can be quite confusing and even those resellers with a particular sector focus can be unclear at times on criteria for the discounts.

Microsoft criteria for educational licences (at spring 06) says:

A charitable* organisation that operates on a not-for-profit basis and whose aim is i) the relief of poverty; ii) the advancement of education; iii) the advancement of social and community welfare; iv) the advancement of culture or v) the advancement of the natural environment. * In the UK this includes not-for-profit companies limited by guarantee and other community-based organisations in the voluntary and community sector. It does not include commercial training companies or profit-making organisations.

Telecoms/Communication Centres

Phone Conferencing info is on the Admin page. Communication/call centres - Media Services.


Utility Aid provides Utility deals through Charities Buying Group (see top section), and direct.

Charities are exempt from the climate change levy if business use is less than 40% of the total. Check to see if this applies to your organisation, and get billed correctly. There is also an issue around the rate of VAT on energy supplies where non-business use (e.g. services funded by grant, donations rather than by contract) should be eligible for the VAT rate charged on domestic bills (5%). See info on MakeItCheaper website.