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Complaints, Regulators,
Audit Offices

Updated 25/11/13

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If you have concerns about services provided by the utilities, want to object to offensive advertising, argue against government agency decisions, here are the contacts. All the web sites listed will have details of addresses, phone numbers, and nearly all will describe what they cover, what they can't deal with, and the procedure you need to follow. Some studying here is likely to save time in wasted approaches.

Grouped as:


Utility/Industry regulators

Utility regulators mainly deal with pricing matters and aren't very good at explaining their complaints procedure on their sites. See also Media section below.

Government/local council regulators

Other areas: start out at

The Ombudsman Association has a list of members.

Also note Centre for Public Scrutiny - online resource for auditors or scrutineers of public sector bodies. "Not only to hold executives to account but also to create a constructive dialogue between the public and its elected representatives" on public services.

We list government Departmental web sites on the Lobby page.

Not-for profit and social regulators



Charity fundraising is regulated in a number of ways. Local authorities licence street collections, while the Charity Commission (in England and Wales) registers and oversees accounting and reporting.