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Membership, Mailing and Response Services

Updated 16/9/13

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Note that bulk mailings (4,000 or more) can get discounts under Royal Mail's Mailsort service if they are pre-sorted - mailing houses may keep quiet about this and keep the discount for themselves! Sometimes it can be worthwhile to set up your own Mailsort account - try 0345 950950 for your nearest Sales Centre.

Membership/Mailing list management

Mainly Mailings and Marketing

There are a large number of 'Mailing Houses' who will take a mailing list and process it in various ways. Some with voluntary sector experience include:

Slightly different but worth noting, is L-Mail, where you can send send letters to any postal address via the Internet.

For email newsletter management and the like, see Internet and Web Services.

Response handling

Coping with response to appeals or the promotion of a special event or membership drive can really strain the resources of many groups. Often part of one of the above services, and is noted where known, but some of the banks will also provide the service (whether postal or phone, possibly even internet), checking cheques or other payment and passing on or processing information received with it. The Co-op Bank is one such.

Maximising the value of your Mailing list

Occam Direct Marketing run the (probably) unique Reciprocate exchange system which maximizes the effectiveness of charity reciprocal swap mailings. 'An outstanding success story for over 100 charity clients with 21 million supporter records, the Reciprocate database includes some of the best known charities in the UK.' The Stables, Manor Farm, Chilcompton, Radstock, Bath, BA3 4HP, phone 01761 233 833, email:

Other membership services

Elections, ballots. Electoral Reform Services Ballot services for unions and other membership organisations. Free seminars too. 33 Clarendon Road, London, N8 0NW, phone 020 8365 8909, email:

Ballot boxes. Try Shaw's.