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Legal Services

Updated 25/11/13

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We have split the listing into free/community sources and the 'normal' commercial legal firms.


Funded/Community Legal Services

A local Law Centre can often provide advice to community groups although not necessarily on employer matters (use the Law Centres Federation web site to find info). A Council for Voluntary Service (or similar) often has some legal advice service for voluntary groups (see Local contacts page), usually free.

Commercial firms

Your local solicitor can probably deal with most legal matters for the organisation.

Specialist charity lawyers can be helpful on constitutions, contracts, possibly fundraising literature (e.g. legacy promotion or covenant forms), endowment arrangements. Advice on some of these may be available from accountancy firms. If your auditors are any good, they may be a cheaper source. If you want a 'city' type firm, the charity specialist is likely to be more cost effective than others.

NCVO has extended its approved lawyer panel to local firms around the country. Contact NCVO legal team on 020 7713 6161.

The following law firms are known to have specific charity/voluntary sector knowledge:

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