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Insurance Services

Updated 25/11/13

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  • Insurance issues, including general requirements, Buildings, Events, Risk Management.

Despite a growth in specialist sector services in insurance, it must be said that the voluntary sector is wide with very diverse needs. An insurance broker who knows a lot about one aspect, for example large scale residential care, won't necessarily understand the requirements of a small advice agency. So ask to see their client list, and check out what similar organisations have insurance for, as well as recommended brokers or insurance companies. It is worth checking out whether an appropriate umbrella or support body has arranged specialist insurance cover for an activity area - only a few are noted below.

Specialist Brokers

In theory brokers can access the whole insurance market to find the best cover (which may be from combining a number of separate policies). In practice the special deals for non-profits are more likely to come from one particular insurer - check!

Specialist Policies

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