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Fundraising on the Net

Updated 25/11/13

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There is a huge range of Fundraising resources already out there, so we are limiting ourselves to



This page is in Listings style, within the Services grouping.

Fundraising information on the web


Web-based Fundraising Services

Fundraising on the web

Below are some initiatives you can benefit from or be inspired by. Our Taking Action Personally page may also get you going.

Raising funds from web services - 'free' or otherwise

Taking a cut/promotions

The sites generating commission based on consumer purchases from various retailers tend to come and go, although some have now been around for a while.

Online Charity Shops are listed on Web in Practice.

Auctioning off charity benefits

Affiliate schemes, banner ads

These involve linking into existing schemes, such as the popular online bookseller Amazon's facility for site visitors to link through from appropriate content, eg a book review, with a commission from connected sales coming back to you. You can get paid for carrying banner ads on your site, and some commercial sites now carry charity banners, with the named charity getting a small amount every time someone clicks on the ad (presumably the hosting site gets some info on its visitors this way).