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Consultancy Services

and Business Links

Updated 25/11/13

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We are talking about 'management consultants' and variations on that. There are a number of consultancies which just work with voluntary organisations - the bigger ones often work with public bodies, colleges etc too.


  • Some of the trainers on the Training page will also undertake consultancy (usually small scale and not as expensive as 'pure' consultancies).
  • For some pointers on organisational issues, try our Planning and Monitoring page. You can often 'do-it yourself' if you allocate clear space for thinking.
  • 'The Business' for websites aimed at SME (small/medium enterprises) with relevant content, mainly of an admin nature.
  • Accountancy firms can often provide consultancy on management issues.


This page is in Listings style, within the Services grouping.

Choosing a Consultant

In our opinion, most consultancy work depends on the experience of, and good working relations with, a particular individual consultant, whether they are part of a larger team or not. It is therefore difficult to give recommendations to consultancy firms as a whole. However, those listed here have earned their place in some way!

Management Development Network (see Further Contacts below) has a page on Choosing and briefing a management consultant or trainer.

The Institute of Consulting did have a guide to successful consultancy assignments. You may still find some of its material useful, such as the Professional Code of Conduct.

Sector Specialists

Management consultancy, personnel, interim and project management

plus possibly communications, fundraising, financial, research. (Media Support is on the separate media services page.)

Consultancy around specific issues, functions

such as planning, consultations.

Further Contacts

The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants is a City guild, which arranges pro bono (free) work with "charities concerned with people who are disadvantaged by their nationality, faith, health, family and social situation".

The Cranfield Trust provides free management and technical consultancy to charities working in the areas of disability, poverty and social exclusion. Court Room Chambers, 1 Bell Street, Romsey, SO51 8GY, phone 01794 830338, email:

The Management Development Network is an organisation of/for independent management trainers and consultants in the sector. The directory of members is on the web site. The directory can also be obtained for £15 (incl. p&p and 2 updates) from 39 Gabriel House, Odessa Street, London, SE16 0HQ, phone 020 7232 0726.

On Line Register of Arts Consultants and Trainers is a database managed on behalf of Arts Council England and Arts Council of Scotland.

EUConsult is the 'European Association of Consultants to and about the Not-for-Profit Sector' and lists UK (and other) members on its website.

NCVO has a list of recommended consultants - see Professional Bodies.

Business Links

There are various employee volunteering initiatives around - try your local sector support organisation (CVS) - which could help you find free (or low cost) professional help. Also see the Business in the Community (BitC) employee volunteering programme - now the Community Impact Offer.

Prohelp, connected with BitC, is a national network of professional firms who give their time and expertise for free to voluntary and community groups. Members include surveyors, architects, accountants, solicitors, property consultants, engineers, IT consultants etc and undertake one-off projects such as feasibility studies, structural surveys, marketing plans, legal advice. Phone 020 7566 8722.

Pilotlight "helps small charities and social enterprises to grow by matching them with business people who help the charities for three hours a month, for up to two years. Pilotlight manages the relationship between the charities and business people, guiding them through a tried and tested model to develop a strategic plan." Free to charities. Phone 020 7396 7414, email:

Fundraising and Marketing Consultants

We have had some requests to give contacts here. There are many around, and we do not have any particular knowledge on the best or worst.

Also try: Association of Fundraising Consultants PO Box 9, Woodstock, OX20 1ZJ, phone 01582 762446, email: