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Accountancy Services

Updated 25/11/13

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Basic issues

For the voluntary organisation which is a registered charity or company, conforming to accounting requirements imposed by the charity SORP (developed by the Charity Commission with sector professionals) and/or company law (largely overseen by Companies House) can be one of the least rewarding aspects.

There are Community Accountancy schemes dotted around the country.

Failing the above, a number of specialist units in small to large accountancy firms can save you money in the medium to long term. They can help develop systems which can cope, and ensure your good intentions aren't undermined by complexity. Equally there are some who only have a superficial understanding who will still pitch for your business. In this field, it is pretty essential to take up references (from some organisation in a closely related field if at all possible) if you are inexperienced or unsure. All those below, with one exception, are qualified to audit accounts for any type of organisation.

The one exception relates to 'independent examiners', defined under the charity SORP as being able to provide an alternative to a full audit for those charities with an income of under £250,000 in England or Wales, £100,000 in Scotland (as long as they aren't limited companies as well). There is an Association of Charity Independent Examiners (originally launched by Gareth Morgan) - we reproduce Gareth's article on this subject.

Audit/accountancy firms

The UK 200 Group of small to medium sized chartered accountancy firms has launched a charities group, which provides a pool of expertise for its members. This should help increase the understanding of particular charity issues within those firms. Contact the UK 200 charities group via 01252 333511.

The list of members firms at the Charity Practitioners Forum is also worth checking.

Some of the audit/accountancy firms we know best:


Management accounting, Support

Payroll and Bookkeeping Services

The internet opens up new opportunities for payroll services. You may still find it useful to check whether a local CVS does this for groups in its area (for a fee) but potentially it is cheaper and more flexible over the web. CASH-online advises small charities and voluntary groups to use a payroll service and save a considerable administrative burden. If you want to do it yourself, see our Payroll Resources section.

Mainly accountancy

CASE: Community Accountancy Social Enterprise, provides back office accountancy support to community groups across London. In certain boroughs is can provide the book-keeping service free of charge for up to one year.

Charity Accountancy Services Accounting and back office services for charities up to £1 million turnover. Based in London.

Daniel Hull of High Peak Bookkeepers has a charity background and is offering bookkeeping, payroll and office services in Derbyshire/Manchester area (at autumn 2010). Phone 07826 111964.

Mainly payroll

WCVA, the Welsh umbrella body, runs Pay Connect payroll administration centre outsourcing payroll services for organisations across Wales. Phone 01492 539812.

Scottish Training Foundation Payroll A Glasgow based charity providing a comprehensive payroll service to small businesses, charities and voluntary organisations (alternative web link). Phone 0141 572 4326.

Charity BackRoom is run by Voluntary Norfolk and provides a payroll service to charities and social enterprises across England. Phone 01603 756726, email:


Armstrong Payroll Solutions.

Bond Payroll Services is providing a discounted service to NCVO members. Also see Bond Payrite (payroll software and bureau).

Ceridian provides payroll services as part of its outsourcing solutions provided at a discount through NCVO.

Moorepay has been providing paper-based services for some time, and also operate over the internet, phone 01252 667100, email:

Netpaydue is a web-based payroll system. They may still be offering special deals for charities with up to 10 employees.

ADP have taken over Vizual Business Tools (suppliers of HR management software), but still has payroll management services

VAT advice

Also see Tax Issues page.