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Online Income Services

Updated 25/11/13

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How to go about setting up income collection on the web


  • Fundraising on the Net for charity related ISPs, other online facilities and fundraising information sources.
  • Charity Tax Reclaims for Gift Aid regulations and software.
  • Web in Practice for examples of existing charity shopping or donation sites, and those doing online promotion of charities, which can include donor communication/income processing.


There are a number of ways of getting money processed as a result of someone making a decision to 'buy' from your website (or via seeing a charity ad elsewhere):

Online Donations

There is now a range of facilities for collecting donations online. Some arevariations on the Payment Service Provider model, others are more like giving portals where a cause can be selected from a range. You may want to investigate how these facilities manage or link in to Gift Aid processing.

The open source add-on to the CiviCRM platform, CiviContribute, may be available. While coming from an American base, they are trying hard to internationalise it.

General Payment Services