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Policies and Procedures


Updated 21/5/12

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This page

Checklists of policies and procedures (and links to examples where we have them) for the following areas:

Plus other voluntary sector sites with at least a few sample policies or guidance.


There are a few notes on Staff handbooks/office manuals on the Information Management page - they are what started us compiling this list!

Some of the Professional bodies web sites will have guidance in particular areas. Check out specific topic pages for the issues not covered here.


Has your organisation got all the policies or procedures it needs? The following does not pretend to be complete, or what everybody needs, but it is a starting point. We have grouped these, but an item can address more than one area in practice. Try not to be overwhelmed by the length of the list - some will only need to be short, but a bit of careful thought now can save major problems later. New organisations shouldn't try to achieve perfection too quickly (unless you've got loads of resources) - identify the most important for your situation and get those right first.

The difference between Policy and Procedure, and quite what goes where, gets a lot of people confused. We would say that procedures follow on from policy - how you do it in practice - and can be a separate document or a section of the same. It is often worth trying to be clear, as a policy change may or may not alter the procedure, while a necessary change in procedure should not be allowed to change the policy by default. It should be clear in a procedure which policy or policies it relates to.

Basic requirements


People management issues are covered further on the linked page - relevant areas currently include Development/Training Needs Assessment, Appraisal, Supervision.

Office Management

Also see Admin page for issues.

Ethics, Empowerment, Improvement



See Finance Resources page, especially Cash-online.


See Governance page.

Sites worth checking

Resource Centre (Brighton & Hove) includes pdf (Acrobat) files, at Nov 01, on

The Chair's job (337k), Legal structures (426k), News release (396k), The Secretary's job (284k), Constitutions (512k), Media contacts (284k), The Treasurer's job (386k), Bank accounts (395k), State your case (471k), AGM checklist (331k), Running a creche (388k), Radio interviews (326k).

Community Toolkit, managed by Skye and Lochalsh CVO, has lots of useful material. Note that on some matters Scottish law varies from English/Welsh.

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