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Trustees, Meetings and Members

Updated 6/2/06

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Links to ordering from Amazon are given where the book should be readily available via that source (last checked Feb 06) - those which take weeks to come into stock are either excluded or have the symbol ~~.

Book prices are generally from the publisher - discounts may be available from Amazon or elsewhere.



The Appointment and Induction of Charity Trustees - Best Practice Guide; ICSA Publishing, Jan 99. £10 plus p&p.

Boards that work: a guide for charity trustees David Fishel; DSC, 1st edition 2003. 328 pages, ISBN 1 903991 16 1, £19.95. Order from

Trustees Handbook Charity Trustee's Handbook Mike Eastwood; Directory of Social Change, 1st edition 2001. 128 pages, ISBN 1 900360 88 8, £9.95. Order from Publisher's info: This starter guide is ideal reference for anyone who has recently become a trustee of a voluntary organisation, or is thinking of taking on that role. It offers basic guidance about the responsibilities of management committees, and straightforward advice in planning the work of the organisation, getting funding, and managing staff and resources.

The Good Trustee guide Peter Dyer; NCVO, 4th Edition March 2003. Ring-binder, 214 pages, ISBN 0 7199 1610 0, £25. Order from Publisher's info: A user-friendly resource organiser for trustees and management committee members. Ideal as an introduction for new trustees, or a practical tool to keep long-serving trustees up-to-date. This authoritative guide covers:

The ICSA Charity Trustee's Guide Jane Arnot; ICSA Publishing, June 2003. 256 pages. Buy from

The Good Governance Action Plan for voluntary organisations Sandy Adirondack; NCVO, 2002. ISBN 0 7199 1603 8, £10-00. Order from

Running a Charity; Jordans, Sept 97. ISBN 0853083886, £19.50. Order from


Comer/TicherThe Minute Taker's Handbook Lee Comer & Paul Ticher; DSC, 1st edition 2002. 184 pages, ISBN 1 900360 99 3, £9.95. Order from Publisher's info: Minute taking is a critically important activity in all voluntary organisations. This new publication provides essential, in-depth guidance in how to produce accurate, brief and clear minutes which meet all legal requirements. This book will be invaluable to chairs minute takers and everyone concerned with the management and recording of minutes in voluntary organisations. The book shows how to:

Members and users

Good Membership Guide, Stephen Iliffe; NCVO, Oct 04. ISBN 0 7199 1619 4, £25.00. Order from

PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE: Involving Users in the Running of Voluntary Organisations Marilyn Taylor; ACEVO, 1st edition 1999. A4, 68 pages, ISBN 1 900685 07 8, £10. Publisher's info: More and more voluntary organisations are addressing the issue of involving the users of services in running their organisations. But what level of involvement is right for your organisation, and what is the best way of giving people who use your services more of a say? This guide draws on the experiences of those who have been through the process, outlining general principles and the range of activities that organisations have introduced to involve users.