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Updated 19/9/11

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Titles on voluntary sector/charity:

Links to ordering from Amazon are given where the book should be readily available via that source (last checked Feb 06) - we either exclude those which take weeks to come into stock or they show this symbol:~~.

Prices given are generally from the publisher - discounts may be available on Amazon and elsewhere.



Charities Administration Service Jordans with NCVO. ISBN 0 85308 327 4, updated twice a year, £140-00 (in 2003), available on 28 day approval. Sections include: setting up/registering a charity, administration of corporate charities, members meetings, financial reporting, personnel, fundraising, grants, property, insurance, data protection.

Tolley's Charity Administration Handbook (more theory than 'how to do it'?). Third edition October 03. ISBN 0754511928, £49-95.

The Charities Manual ICSA Publishing. ISBN 0902 19727 4, £150 including 2 annual updates or get on 30 day free trial. 'A complete guide to voluntary sector management'. Sections include: what is a charity, charity law, forming and running a charity, fundraising, grants, marketing, lobbying, investment, taxation, financial management, property, personnel, strategic planning. Also a bi-monthly 'web briefings'.

How to Run Your Charity: the role of the Charity Secretary, Malcolm Leatherdale; ICSA Publishing, March 98. ISBN 1 860720 53 6, £19-95. Buy from Legal compliance, committee administration, meetings, personnel admin etc.

front cover, LOHPHealth & Safety Handbook for Voluntary & Community Organisations Al Hinde & Charlie Kavanagh, edited by Jill Barlow; DSC, in association with Liverpool Occupational Health Partnership, 2nd edition 2001. 96 pages, ISBN 1 903991 01 3, £12.50. Order from Publisher's info: This step-by-step guide to health and safety is specially written for the voluntary sector. The new edition has been fully revised and updated to take account of recent legislation, covering:

By working their way through the book, completing the checklists as they go, readers can compile their own complete health and safety policy, covering volunteers as well as staff.

Health and Safety at Work - An Essential Guide for Managers; Kogan Page, Nov 07. £24.

Managing risk: Guidelines for medium-sized organisations Caroline Clark; NCVO, 2001. ISBN 0 7199 1593 7, £15. Order from Publisher's info: A practical workbook designed to assist management committee members and staff undertake a tailored risk analysis.

Information Management

front cover, Ticher/PowellInformation Management for Voluntary & Community Organisations Paul Ticher & Mike Powell; DSC, 1st edition 2000. 144 pages, ISBN 1 900360 48 9, £16.95. Order from A wide-ranging explanation of the issues and practical solutions, ranging from negotiating keeping a central office diary via basic Data Protection and legal matters to use of technology to share information, with well selected but short list of further sources. Given our experiences of how voluntary organisations struggle to cope with information of all types, a must have for most. "This is a very useful book." [Head of Information, LVSC]. See VolResource review.

Information Management in the Voluntary Sector, from Aslib, ISBN 0 85142 394 9, £35. Case studies illustrating best practice, key issues, technology, internet resources, from a 'librarians' perspective. See VolResource Info Mgmt page for contact details.

Organisation Management

front cover, LawrieThe Complete Guide to Business and Strategic Planning For Voluntary Organisations Alan Lawrie; DSC, 2nd edition 2001. 96 pages, ISBN 1 900360 87 X, £18.95. Order from Publisher's info: The new edition of this best-selling management title has been fully revised and updated, drawing on the greater experience of business planning that many voluntary organisations now have. A solid business plan is an essential requirement for applications to key funders such as the National Lottery, and managers increasingly recognise the importance of strategic planning to the effectiveness of their organisation. Features of this edition include:

'Crammed with templates to organise your thinking and planning ... a winner!' [BAFM on the first edition]

front cover, LawrieThe Complete Guide to Creating & Managing New Projects For Voluntary Organisations Alan Lawrie; DSC, 2nd edition July 2002. ISBN 1 903991 15 3, £12.50. Order from Publisher's info: If you are intending to provide new services or activities, creating a new project is often the most effective way forward and is likely to appeal to funders. This practical guide offers invaluable advice on how to both create and manage a voluntary sector project. The new edition has been fully revised and updated to include new material on project management and on monitoring and evaluation.

' ... a motivating and enjoyable read.' [Voluntary Voice].

front cover, LawrieDeveloping your Organisation Alan Lawrie; DSC, supported by NatWest, 1st edition, 2000. 112 pages, ISBN 1 900360 66 7, £18.95. Order from Publisher's info: A key title from a respected author and consultant for managers and trustees - particularly those who feel their organisation is getting stale and needs to adapt to meet new challenges. Using case studies, practical exercises and questionnaires, the book examines ways in which you can identify blocks and barriers, strengthen and develop your organisation, and achieve real change.

'A useful handbook ... good value, well laid out and easy to read.' [NGO Finance]

Excellence in View is a guide to the EFQM Excellence Model for the Voluntary Sector from NCVO. ISBN 0 7199 1561 1, £10-00.

Good Management Guide for the Voluntary Sector John Harris; NCVO, 1st edition 2002. ISBN 0 7199 1589 9, £25. Order from Publisher's info: This new guide addresses the range of skills required for effective management within the voluntary sector, especially in smaller organisations. As well as personal management competencies, it covers managing activities, people, quality, finances, and marketing and PR. It can also be used as a development and training resource, as each chapter contains its own learning objectives and exercises.

How to Manage a Voluntary Organization: The Essential Guide for the Not-for-Profit Sector, David Hussey and Robert Perrin; Kogan Page, January 03. 256 Pages, Hardback with CD-Rom, £25-00. (Note that this is a UK title).

Just about Managing? Sandy Adirondack; London Voluntary Service Council, 4th edition Jan 06. ISBN 1872582869, £18.95. Order from (Note: as at 6/2/06 Amazon had wrong price and publication date). The standard guide and essential reference book for managers and management committees of small and medium-sized voluntary and community organisations. See VolResource review (3rd edition).

front cover, Cook/BraithwaiteA Management Companion for Voluntary Organisations Tim Cook & Guy Braithwaite; DSC, 1st edition 2000. 128 pages, ISBN 1 900360 67 5, £12.50. Order from Publisher's info: This supportive guide examines a wide variety of challenges faced by the Chair, committee and director, as well as team members and managers, in voluntary organisations. The authors draw on their extensive experience in the sector to reflect on working relationships, including the personal element so often unexplored in management handbooks. The book highlights instantly recognisable problems and offers helpful insights and ideas for positive ways forward.

"Sit down on a rainy Sunday afternoon and read this from cover to cover." [Voluntary Voice]

Managing and Measuring Social Enterprises Rob Paton; Sage Publications, Sept 02. £22.99. Order from Amazon customer review: "This is an excellent book. It is clearly written, well structured and up-to-date in its coverage."

Managing the Non-Profit Organization Peter F. Drucker; Butterworth-Heinemann, 1995. An American title, but an English review on Amazon says "This is a remarkably easy and inspiring book". Order from

Managing at the Leading Edge: New Challenges in Managing Non-Profit Organisations Mike Hudson; Directory of Social Change, Sept 03. £19-95. Buy from

front cover, HudsonManaging Without Profit Mike Hudson; DSC, 2nd edition 1999. 448 pages, ISBN 1 903991 28 5, £16.99. Buy from Publisher's info: The key elements of successful management for non-profit-making organisations are covered in the second edition of this popular title. Managers from voluntary, arts, housing and campaigning organisations will learn how to:

Quality First: Quality Assurance Management for Community Organisations Tony Farley; Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, 1st edition 1999. Ring-binder, 38 pages, ISBN 1 898902 20 8, £25. Publisher's info: This workbook is designed to help community-based voluntary organisations to set up effective ways of assessing the quality of their work. It provides photocopiable self-assessment forms covering topics such as setting standards, involving the community, working together as volunteers, equal opportunities, financial management and effective communication. Model policy documents are also included.

Self-Assessment Workbook - Measuring Success; QSTG/NCVO, 2000. ISBN 0 7199 1577 5, £5. A simple first step quality tool for voluntary organisations to: assess and plan; check what has been achieved; review day-to-day working; prioritise and carry out improvements.

Strategic Management for Nonprofit Organizations; Routledge, Jan 02. Buy from For practitioners and students of voluntary sector management.

Tools for Tomorrow - A practical guide to strategic planning for voluntary organisations; NCVO, July 04. ISBN 0 7199 1638 0, £35.00. Order from

Understanding VolOrgsUnderstanding Voluntary Organizations Charles Handy; Penguin Books, Sept 97. Buy from A classic text.


See Trustees publications for some Governance titles.

General Management

Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organaisations: creative strategies for extraordinary results, Bernard Ross; Jossey Bass Wiley, Oct 02. Buy from

Titles from Acevo include Interim Management , Staff Handbooks

Partnership Made Painless: A Joined-up Guide to Working Together; Russell House Publishing, August 2003. 128 pages, ISBN 1898924880, £13-95. Buy from Publisher's info: This book offers clues and suggestions about how you can develop your work inside partnerships. Its aim is to help you work not only in ways which are painless, but also in ways that can help you and your partners work purposefully towards intended outcomes.

Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. Buy from (audio cassette version available). Charles Handy (on Drucker Foundation web site) said 'A bestseller a couple of years ago, Goleman puts flesh on commonsense and makes it readable as well. He devotes only one skimpy chapter to the implications of his view of intelligence for management, and his book has not typically been read by would-be leaders. But it doesn't require a lot of thought to see what the lessons are for anyone with responsibility for others. It is wisdom laced with practicality.'

More Charity Management titles selected by Amazon.