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Marketing, Communications, Fundraising

Updated 14/1/08

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Fundraising and Events

DSC/CAF Fundraising Series

Fundraising Strategy Redmond Mullin; DSC/CAF/ICFM, Dec 02. Buy from

Corporate Fundraising; DSC/CAF/ICFM, July 02. Buy from

Marketing Strategy For Effective Fundraising; DSC/CAF/IOF, April 03. Buy from


Complete Fundraising Handbook Michael Norton and Nina Botting; DSC, April 01. Buy from

Complete Guide to Fundraising P.F. Sterrett, P.W. Sterrett; Management Books 2000, April 01. Buy from Has a good review on Amazon.

Fundraising Management: Analysis, Planning and Practice Adrian Sargeant, Elaine Jay. Routledge, Feb 04, ISBN 0415317029, £24.99. Order from

Fundraising on the Internet Howard Lake; Aurelian Information, June 97. Buy from

Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need; Directory of Social Change, 9th edition, 2004. Buy from

Relationship Fundraising: a donor based approach to the business of raising money, Ken Burnett; Jossey Bass Wiley, Sept 02. £21-99. Buy from

Worldwide Fundraiser's Handbook: A Resource Mobilisation Guide for NGOs and Community Organisations, Michael Norton; DSC, April 03. Buy from


Gray/ElsdenOrganising Special Events for Fundraising and Campaigning John F Gray & Stephen Elsden; DSC, 1st edition 2000. 96 pages, ISBN 1 900360 56 X, £10.95. Order from Publisher's info: Special events are an enjoyable way for voluntary organisations to raise money and public awareness. But what makes events successful? This book takes you through:

Illustrated by case studies from the British Red Cross and other major charities, this is an invaluable guide for major event organisers.

'If you want to make the most of your organisation's special event then this book is just for you.' [Charity Talk]

Tried and Tested ideas for local fundraising events Sarah Passingham; DSC, 3rd edition 2003. ISBN 1903991374, £14.95. Order from

Amazon's selection of charity fundraising titles.

Chapel & York

See Books Direct Index page for contact details.

Directory of American Grantmakers (that fund charitable organisations and individuals outside the United States) New edition June 2002. 154pp,45.00, ISBN 1-903293-07-3. This Directory gives charitable organisations and individuals outside the USA information on over 600 American grantmakers that support charitable projects around the world.

Fundraising from America (The Complete Guide for charities outside the United States) June 1999. 92pp, 36.50, ISBN 1-903293-03-0. This book provides the information you need to successfully fundraise from US individuals, foundations and companies. It is the only book written for charitable organisations outside the US that want to fundraise from US sources.

Fundraising from Canada (The Complete Guide for Charitable Organisations outside of Canada) Robert B. Hayhoe; January 2001. 74pp. 36.50, ISBN 1-903293-04-9. The definitive book for non-profit & charitable organisations outside Canada that want to fundraise from Canadian sources - individuals, companies, foundations & trusts. It also explains the Canadian tax and legal issues relevant to the donor and the non-profit organisation.

WWW.Grantmakers; June 2000. 109pp, 19.50, ISBN 1-903293-01-4. Directory with contact information on the Web Sites of over 1,000 funders located in UK, USA, Continental Europe & Canada.

Fundraising From American Visitors; October 2000. 65pp, 24.50, ISBN 1-903293-02-2. A must for every non-profit organisation that welcomes visitors and tourists. A step-by-step guide to what you need to do.

Directory of American Company Grantmakers; March 2001. 126pp, 39.50. American companies are increasingly giving outside the United States as their income from outside the United States increases. The Directory provides information about the largest American companies that have international interests.



Marketing for the Voluntary Sector: a Practical Guide for Charities and Non-government Organizations Paula Keaveney, Michael Kaufmann; Kogan Page, May 01. £15.99.

Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations Adrian Sargeant; Oxford University Press, 1999. Provides an overview of the theory behind nonprofit marketing and looks at key sectors such as the arts, education, healthcare and social ideas.

The New DIY Guide to Marketing: For Charities and Voluntary Organizations Moi Ali; ICSA Publishing, April 01. ISBN 1860721354, £18.95. Buy from

Successful Charity Marketing Charity Marketing: Meeting Need Through Customer Focus Ian Bruce; ICSA Publishing, July 05. ISBN 1860722962. Order from

Effective Customer Care, Amanda Knight; DSC, 1999. ISBN 1 900360 36 5, £10-95.Order from



Communications and Campaigns

LattimerCampaigning Handbook Mark Lattimer; DSC, 2nd edition 2000. 416 pages, ISBN 1 900360 63 2, £15.95. Order from

Essential reading for those who want to influence social change. Written for pressure groups, charities and social activists, this book covers the skills of modern campaigning:

In this second edition there are new sections on the Human Rights Act and on campaigning and the Internet. It also contains at-a-glance diagrams to show how the major power structures in society work and where they are most vulnerable to pressure. "[The] second edition of this invaluable text." [Fifth Estate]

Good Campaigns Guide, Tess Kingham, Jim Coe; NCVO, March 05. ISBN 0 7199 1651 8, £25.00. Order from

DIY Guide to Charity Newsletters, Chris Wells; DSC, Nov 95.

The DIY Guide to Powerful Publicity Most people who have to write publicity material in the voluntary sector have received no formal training in how to go about it. This book fills the gap for untrained copywriters who are expected to craft powerful publicity material. DSC, October 2006. ISBN 1 903991 73 0, £18.99. Order from

DIY PRThe DIY Guide to Public Relations For Charities, Voluntary Organisations and Community Groups Moi Ali; DSC, 2nd edition 1999. 192 pages, ISBN 1 900360 53 5, £16.95. Order from Publisher's info: This best-selling guide is for voluntary groups who want to be more effective at promoting their organisation and services. It offers advice and tips for all charities, especially small groups with limited resources. It covers:

' ... practical, logical and easy to read'. [Third Sector]

Everything you should know about PREverything You Should Know About Public Relations, Anthony Davis; Kogan Page, Oct 03. Has had coverage and positive reviews in the sector. Buy from

How to Produce Inspiring Annual Reports: A Guide for Voluntary, Arts and Campaigning Organisations Ken Burnett & Karin Weatherup; DSC in association with Burnett Works, 1st edition 2000. 96 pages, ISBN 1 900360 65 9, £12.50. Order from Publisher's info: This practical guide, in full colour throughout, is for people who want to produce readable, informative and inspirational publications and electronic communications for their organisation. The emphasis is as much on why annual reports are produced in a particular way as on how to do it. Because there's little point talking if nobody's listening, as much weight is given to what readers are prepared to read as to what organisations wish to say. It offers annual report readers' comments, explains how to avoid common mistakes and presents simple straightforward ways of producing accessible and compelling communications. "A real inspiration." [Charity Talk]

Promoting Your Cause: A Guide for Fundraisers and Campaigners Karen Gilchrist; DSC, 1st edition 2002. 128 pages, ISBN 1 900360 95 0, £10.95. Order from Publisher's info: This new title is brimful of ideas to raise the profile of your organisation, establish a positive reputation, increase awareness of your cause and communicate effectively with your target audience. It covers:Gilchrist

The write stuff Graham Hopkins, Cartoons by Stephen Hicks; Russell House Publishing, Nov 98. 128 pages, ISBN 1 898924 41 4, £12.95. Order from A guide to effective writing in social care and related services.

Writing for Change; Published by fahamu and IDRC, 1st edition 2000. Single CD-ROM + User's Guide, ISBN 0 9536902 1 0, £20. Publisher's info: Do you want your writing to influence people and bring about change? This simple, easy-to-use CD-ROM provides a complete course in writing skills for fundraisers, campaigners and anyone who needs to communicate ideas effectively in writing.

'I can honestly say it is one of the best training programmes I have seen.' [Sarah Atwell, World Vision]



Amazon's selection of charity marketing titles.