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A Puff for VR

Updated 13/2/06

A few comments from our readers, or is that users? We reproduce some pats on the back so that potential contributors can be re-assured that VolResource is appreciated and worth supporting. More newsletter comments on the sign up page.

Note: we haven't updated this selection for quite some time, not because no one loves us any longer or that we don't appreciate your kind words, but more that keeping the rest of the site reasonably up-to-date is more of a priority.

"A really interesting site that I have just come across. Great resources, accessed in a very user friendly way. I really like your links and the breadth of the information." June 02

"Thanks, first visit here, very useful" Community business, Feb 02

Subject: Great Newsletter "Just writing to let you know that I do find this newsletter useful as a way of keeping up to date and as a source of information for our newsletter." Volunteer Bureau, Jan 02

"Thank you for the volresource website. It helps me to keep in touch with new developments with minimal effort (and no cost!)." Jul 01

"A brilliant site! It contains loads of information for managers and supervisors. .............. I can't recommend this site highly enough." local Voluntary Action web site (Jul 01?)

"Excellent and comprehensive website with lots of information and links of use to the voluntary organisation." Regional voluntary sector web site. (Nov 00?)

Review of Internet Resources for Voluntary Sector by Allan Pearson in Freepint No. 79: "Finally, saving one of the best sites to last, is well worth a visit. Navigation isn't always easy, but the sheer amount of material covered make this worth investigating." Jan 01

"I thought VolResource was great - I'll certainly be using it in future." Project Officer, Birmingham, Jan 01

"I looked at your site recently -- useful now and has lots of potential." Communications Officer, Southampton, Jan 01

"I'm very impressed with your site, it is quick and easy to get round unlike so many." Charity consultant, Jan 01

"Great website - I flicked quickly through it this morning, but that was enough to stick it on my favourites list." Administrator, south west charity

"Congratulations on an excellent site - the most comprehensive I've seen in this sector." Regional sector website manager, Sept 00

"I had a look a the site and was v. impressed -I'll be using it myself from now on as it is my job ad that I just placed with you - so I'm on the prowl for a new one!" Sector worker, Sept 00

"I came across your site while searching for information on the Charity Investors' Group and found it very useful." Sector support organisation, July 00

"I have just started working for a voluntary organisation as a management advisor and have found the contents of your site very useful indeed. Also as someone with an information background I have so far found the site well thought out and designed, and, considering its size, the various methods for finding information are very useful. Well done." Apr. 00

"nice to see a "no frills" site with useful information - there are too many sites on the internet which have next to no content and are out of date to boot - I feel inspired to do more with my webspace having seen what you've done - keep up the good work!" Sector service provider, Jan. 00

"I have just been passed link to your web site and was pretty impressed by what I saw. " Sector support org, Manchester, Nov. 99

"Your website seems very helpful indeed." Information organisation, London, Nov. 99

"I have looked at your Web site - good stuff! " Fundraising consultants, London, Oct. 99

"Thanks for email regarding our existing entry, we took a look at your website and liked it a lot." Database developers, London, Oct. 99

"I visited the website this morning and found it extremely informative and well designed" Recruitment agency, Sept. 99

"It's easy to use (even I could follow it) and has useful listings, reviews and comments" Directory of Social Change mailing cover letter, September 1999

"I've visited your web site and I think its great." Professional adviser, Devon, June 99

"Good web site - I'll be adding a link.... " Sector Support org, Yorkshire, June 99