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Searching on VolResource

Updated 25/11/13

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IMPORTANT You may have been redirected here when performing a search on VolResource. For the moment we have suspended our dedicated site search engine. Some technical issues means that we suggest you use Google instead.

Access key 4 (about access keys) to get back to this page (where implemented)


Searching the Site

The menus, trail suggestions and other internal links are intended as the most effective way to find particular material in our 200 or so main pages (not counting the News, Events, Blogs and any experimental sections) - see About the site or start with the Section Index pages to the left.

Search engines don't always locate recent (or ancient) material, or cope with variations in spelling, phrasing or context. However, many people are used to just hitting the search button and we may not have made the navigation as clear as you would like. Plus search engines can help locate otherwise buried material.

Most search engines direct you to a page, not the actual word or phrase you are after. Your web browser's Find facility, often under the Edit menu, can then be useful if the page is large.

We only use data collected when searches are made to help us improve our content and site in general.

Search options

Our dedicated site search engine, phpDig, has been discontinued. We now use Google instead. The VoluntaryNews pages (and CharityBlog) have their own self-contained search functions.


As well as being our (and many others) favourite search engine for the web as a whole, it can be used as a way of searching VolResource too. It can also cover We don't have any control over the frequency it re-checks and indexes the site content, but this is generally at least weekly.

Don't forget, doing a full Google web search takes you off the VolResource web site - please come back later!


While we don't get to see any info on Google usage, so have been encouraging use of phpDig (see above), that service is currently on hold.

Finding an organisation

We can't possibly list every voluntary organisation or support body in the UK - our resources are limited. We concentrate on giving 'top level' contacts - national groupings or offices, regional support agencies etc. - so that our coverage can be as wide as possible.

If you are after a very specific local organisation or topic of concern, a full web search could help assuming they have been running their site well for a while. Otherwise, see if we've got a support agency listed on our Local Contacts page, or a network mentioned on the Sub-sector (issues-based) Support page, as they often have directories of groups.

Registered charities

Charities operating in England and Wales can be located using the Charity Commission's Register of Charities or GuideStar UK, which has more powerful search facilities and potentially more information. Scottish charities should see Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. Charity Commission Northern Ireland register should start in 2014.

Tackling Link Problems

We do check all external links (several thousand of them) on a regular basis, mainly using a software tool to highlight problems. Corrections are done as soon as possible, but we aren't perfect, plus there are some new ones we want to let you know about as soon as possible. So:

If you get a 'dead link' when clicking on a web site link, try editing the address (URL) which comes up on your browser - delete from the right section by section. So for try deleting sales/ first, then uk/. Often pages have been moved on a site - this will bring you back to base. And sometimes people get their .org or .com or .uk muddled or missed.

Please let us know if you encounter problems.