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Management, Admin, Legal, Finance, Sector Matters

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Updated 26/3/07

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  • People Management - Teams, Volunteer Management, Payroll, Employment issues, etc - see People Matters Index.

More details on the other section index pages (as per menu on the left) are below.

Admin and Legal

General Administration Communications, Buildings, Resources.

Health and Safety Particular issues, RSI, working conditions; official oversight and advice, other resources.

Insurance, plus Risk Management.

Legal Matters General reference, misc.

Register as a charity or limited company Complying with charity law, why you should limit liability. Also see Starting Up checklist.

Information Management including Data Protection, Knowledge Management.

Voluntary sector and IT / the internet - promotion, policy, research.

IT Policy Sample document.

Environmental and Social Impact of voluntary organisations.

The Business - useful info from the commercial sector.

Organisation Management

Organisation Management Structure, leadership, stakeholders.

Planning and Evaluation Quality standards, making best use of all your resources.

Governance How responsibility works, checklist for committee members.

Trustees, members Trustee training, advice and recruitment.

Working Relations Multiple stakeholders; Partnership/joint working, mergers; Compacts (government/ sector relations); contracts and public procurement.

Starting Up Checklist for a new organisation.

Policy and procedures checklist.

Management Books Review. Or see Buying Books page.

Self Management Stress, Managing your manager.

Time Management In association with Open University Business School.


Tax Matters VAT, PAYE, etc - important if not very exciting.

Charity Tax Reclaims What to do.

Scrutiny of accounts for smaller charities A different approach to full audit.

Finance Resources Advice online, training, publications.

Can VolResource help you further? We can provide consultancy and interim management services.


Voluntary Sector Focus

Sector Development Policy, Research. Also Sector Statistics.

Voluntary Organisations and Social Policy Review.

Sector Glossary What the jargon and abbreviations mean.

Donor Ethics Draft and published Donor Charters.

See Also

Services Index for listings of specialist accountants, lawyers, bank facilities, pension providers, online donation facilities etc.

VolResource Consultancy Services Finance, IT, admin; interim management, troubleshooting, more.

Other Section Index Pages