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Taking Action

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Updated 13/2/06

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Getting Your Message Across /Dealing with the Media

Marketing A few tips.

Lobbying Contact web sites for government (local, national, regional, european), political parties.

Web in Practice Examples of voluntary organisations using the internet to raise funds or engage with the public or target audience.

Information Society For those concerned about access for all, Privacy issues.

Research Resources.

Making an Impact

Running an Event Where to start, practicalities and regulations.

Event Services: Organisers and Venues.

Campaigning resources.

A viewpoint on campaigning.

Regulators, Complaints, Audit bodies overseeing Government, Not-for-profit, Utilities, Industry, Media.

Planning and Evaluation Do you know whether you are working on the right issues, effectively?

Starting Up - a checklist. Perhaps you need to set up a new organisation to really make a difference.

Environmental and Social Impact Taking action to address your organisation's wider responsibilities.

Ethical Investment The issues and contacts.

Taking Action Personally - Be an active citizen, use resources wisely, global concerns.

See Also

Areas of Concern section for organisations active on a wide range of issues.

Sector Glossary What the jargon means - please suggest more entries!

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