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News Review

Digitisation of Resources

Updated 11/7/01

Web-based projects being funded through NOF's digitisation of learning materials grant programme of particular interest to the voluntary sector extracted from the NOF-digitise site. Announced by the New Opportunities Fund, a lottery 'good cause' distributor, at the Science Museum, London, on 2nd July 01, these are part of 50 million in awards to more than 150 UK national and local organisations, creating a 'communities bank' of Internet learning resources. All projects must have their website finished and launched by December 2002. Copyright on the info below, if any, remains with NOF.

Grants announced for England June 2001

National Council for Voluntary Organisations

Project name: Community Advice/Seamless Portals
Theme: Community Advice/Seamless Portals

NCVO’s digitisation project will create an on-line, searchable knowledge base that will form a repository of information for individuals and organisations. The knowledge base will be the most complete source of information, guidance and good practice on the voluntary sector. Content to include amongst other things good practice publications and guidance, policy briefings, policy consultations, research findings, listings information, live discussion fora, signposts to other sources of information, support and advice. NCVO would also generate new content to bind together the disparate pieces of information as a “Good Practice Guide” containing editorial content, referrals to relevant materials and live links to other sources of support. £150,000

London Advice Services

Project name: Multikulti
Theme: Community Advice

A web site containing information, advice and guidance items translated into 10 community languages. This project aims to provide culturally appropriate, accessible information, advice and guidance on rights, entitlements and responsibilities on matters related to immigration, welfare benefits, housing, health, debt and employment. It will enhance lifelong learning by supporting the development of the informed citizen, and aims to improve quality of existing non-digitised materials as they will be accurate, up to date and easily accessed, as well as promoting community links and partnership working with links to other community groups. £335,000

The Advice Services Alliance

Project name: Advice Now
Theme: Community Advice

The project aims to provide high quality legal information via the internet, promote a partnership approach to the delivery of legal information and set framework standards for delivery of legal information via the web. Social exclusion elements include increased access to justice and provision of community legal education. Learning materials will deal with topical issues, common questions and life episodes. Feedback mechanisms will be put in place and the project also aims to increase legal information available to community-based organisations and their client groups. The ASA will work closely with the Lord Chancellor’s Office. £385,000

Age Concern England

Project name: Age Concern Community Websites
Theme: Community Advice/Seamless Portals

Age Concern already has a national website, which is also a gateway to a number of local Age Concern websites. This project proposes creating a number of Community web sites covering a broad range of services and opportunities for community participation by older people, such as further learning, volunteering, fitness and social activities. These community websites will be linked to Age Concern's national web site for a complementary national perspective. These community websites will enable people to explore what is on offer across a wealth of subjects and a wide range of geographical areas, in their own time and at their own pace. The web sites will have a regional/local flavour, providing information relevant and interesting to older people and their carers/relatives £100,000

National Asociation of Credit Union Workers

Project name: NACUW Credit Union Resource Base
Theme: Skills Development

The aim of this project is to create a large resource base for the British credit union movement, containing current and historical information for study and practical use. The credit union movement is experiencing a period of great growth and support. It is now formalising training materials, mostly shared freely in the spirit of the co-operative principles, which underpin credit unions. The project will create a helpful website to facilitate the sharing of contacts and resources efficiently. A web site will overcome geographical hurdles as the current lack of such provision limits the potential of these institutions to interact and develop. The website will focus on practical support and guidance to establishing and sustaining credit unions £80,000

Voluntary Sector National Training Organisation

Project name: Voluntary Sector NTO On-Line
Theme: Skills Development

This project will provide guidance and learning material available to people working and volunteering in the voluntary sector across the UK. It will create and develop an accessible, interactive, informative and easy to use digital environment, based upon Voluntary Sector NTO and Project2001 learning and guidance materials. The project partnership has produced a host of learning and guidance materials to promote learning in the voluntary sector. The project would make these materials accessible to a much wider audience. In addition appropriate materials would be made interactive and therefore more useful and interesting for learners, and the site would contain links to other sites of interest as well as to encourage on-line networking and peer development. £100,000

Media Trust

Project name: Voluntary Matters
Theme: Skills Development

The project will convert the training material contained in or related to the first two series of “Voluntary Matters” into a digital format to provide engaging, interactive, web-based training for the voluntary sector. When shown on the BBC ‘Learning Zone’, the programmes attracted 20,000+ viewers per programme – the series were titled “A guide to management and good practice in the voluntary sector” and “Building your future in the voluntary sector.” £79,000

National Youth Agency

Project name: On-line Information Centre
Theme: Youth

The National Youth Agency aim to improve and extend the range of resources available to those working with young people and to inspire them to see what is possible and to alert them to existing ideas, innovation and project activity in order to avoid duplication of effort and resources. Resources of this kind will lead to better facilities for young people to take an active role in their communities and for their contribution to society to be more widely recognised. £58,810

Common Purpose UK

Project name: Skills for Citizens
Theme: Citizenship - Modern

Skills for Citizens aims to help citizens to gain the skills they need to get involved and to make an effective difference in the community. Key skills will be addressed such as: public speaking, being effective at public meetings and running them, media skills, affecting public opinion, campaigning, using the internet, mentoring, trusteeship and governance, going to court, financial planning, marketing, dealing with the law, making partnerships work, recruiting and managing volunteers, and engaging a community. In addition, the creation of the Citizens Guides area will allow any citizen coming to the site with a particular expertise to share his or her knowledge with other users of the site. This area will ensure that useful knowledge and experience that is out in the community is pooled for the benefit of others. £472,500

The Who Cares? Trust

Project name: The Who Cares? Trust
Theme: Youth

The vision for the project is to digitise and re-purpose resources currently provided for children in care, their carers and intermediary organisations in order to help improve the long-term quality of life for those in care. The project will also be aimed at local authorities that look after children and young people. £114,500

Waste Watch

Project name: Recycle On-line
Theme: Environment

Recycle online will provide a range of materials about better resource use and waste management. Objectives include community capacity building, skills development, active citizenship, wider access to information, economic regeneration. £160,000

BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers)

Project name: Practical Conservation Online
Theme: Environment

The Practical Conservation Online project aims to provide free and increased access to a range of web based conservation materials. This range covers conservation, health and safety and community group development. It will be used by environmental volunteers and professionals, teachers, trainers, students and others interested in ecologically sound land management practices, practical environmental action and community development. The range of publications captures historically and culturally important regional styles and techniques of traditional craft skills which were normally passed down by word of mouth or through families and in some cases were beginning to be lost. Modern adaptations of these traditional craft skills are also illustrated and new applications explained. The latest ecological and conservation methods are presented and in many cases sustainable good practice is detailed. £170,000

Wales/Scotland/NI, June 2001

University of Wales Aberystwyth - Wales

Project name: Cymryd Rhan/Getting in on the act
Theme: Community Advice

The project aims to design an all Wales bilingual web portal site for community information. It will draw together community information databases, providing access to a digitized multi-media material resource bank, for local communities and providing links to other electronic information, local authorities, EU structural funds and lottery funded initiatives . £247,000

Scottish Council For Voluntary Organisations - Scotland

Project name: Voluntary Management Essentials
Theme: Learning for Life

The vision is to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for groups and individuals throughout Scotland wishing to set up or better manage their voluntary group or charity. It will be available through SCVO’s web site and ultimately through the Scottish Voluntary Sector portal SCVO aims to enhance and expand its existing information services by making a side range of guides, manuals, pamphlets and policy material freely available on its web site. Key subject areas are charity law, good management and governance, employment law and good practice, and fundraising. £61,700

Shell Livewire Northern Ireland Ltd - Northern Ireland

Project name: E-Learning for Business
Theme: Skills Development

This project will allow individuals (and in some cases, community groups and voluntary sector organisations) to overcome significant socio-economic barriers to training allowing access to a comprehensive range of enterprise development materials and resources. Shell LIVEWIRE train young people who wish to set up their own businesses and the project would digitise these training materials and present them in a way that is especially attractive to young people. The materials would also be of interest to older people. £128,000