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Lobbying and Campaigning


Updated 25/11/13

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This page is a cross between briefings and listings style. Part of Taking Action grouping.


Freedom of Information

FoI legislation gives a legal right to request access to all types of "recorded" information held by public bodies. Some reference sources:

Note: organisations providing public services will also have obligations under FoI.

Lobbying and PR issues

Alliance for Lobbying Transparency is comprised of civil society groups concerned about the growing influence of professional lobbying on Government decision-making and life in the UK.

Spinwatch monitors the role of public relations and spin in contemporary society.

Also see Government/democracy/media in our Areas of Concern section.


Tagish As a major local government web/IS supplier, this company has compiled an authoritative links section: national, local, health, information society etc. Try there if we haven't got the link you want below.

info4local, previosuly a site/news servicefrom Whitehall aimed at those working in local government, is now part of Sign up for email alerts service. is the starting point for government info (was DirectGov to Oct. 2012). Try the citizenship section re petitions, the announcements section for news and speeches - possibly public consultations (there doesn't seem to be a separate section).

Dod's have a range of guides to parliamentary process and contacts, including what is now Vacher's Quarterly. They've also got online directories for UK, Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, European Union etc.

Writetothem is an independent facility to help make contact with Councillors, MP, MEPs, MSPs, or Welsh and London Assembly Members.

Also see Campaign Resources page under Useful Publications, Campaign Help, etc.

National Government issues


Members of Parliament: has a directory of MPs. Plus see Campaigning Resources page.

Hansard Society promotes effective parliamentary democracy; runs a Lobbying training series with Directory of Social Change on occasional basis. St. Philips Building, Sheffield St, WC2 2EX, phone 020 7955 7459, email:


All government departments (from spring 2013) are now on - the following links should forward to the correct sections if they haven't been updated by us yet.

Published legislation is available from Also see The London Gazette for official notices.

The Stationery Office Online Bookshop All the official publications in one place.

National Statistics Includes details of National Statistics Information and Library Service public libraries in Pimlico (London) and Newport (South Wales) under Services.

Scottish, Welsh, NI


Government Offices in the Regions

These were due to close 2012.

Regional Assemblies/Chambers

These were the democratic/political relation to the regional development agencies, but may no longer have much of a role (summer 2010) and are likely to radically change/disappear (apart from GLA).

Regional Development Agencies

all closed by March 2012. There may be some remnant of these bodies still operational but they don't have any formal governmental role.

Local Government

Information on what English councils do, how to contact councillors etc. is available via Gov.Uk.

Local Government Association site is pretty good. If you are looking for a list of local authority web sites, go to Search, then Links.

London Councils develops policy, lobbies government and others, and runs a range of services "designed to make life better for Londoners".

New Local Government Network A membership organisation which supports reform and modernisation in local government. The site contains information about the Network as well as news, key issues, events and debates.

European and International

See more general/sector European contacts on a separate page.

A directory of MEPs and the European parliament calendar can be obtained from the library of the parliament's London office.

EmbassyWorld is a searchable global database.

Political Parties

The Electoral Commission has a database of registered political parties (the focus is on party finance) and various info about them - more comprehensive than our list.

Conservative Party
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
Green Party of England and Wales

Plaid Cymru
Welsh Green Party
Wales Labour Party

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Ulster Unionist Party
The Alliance Party
Sinn Fein
Progressive Unionist Party