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Funding and Grants

Updated 18/3/13

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  • Fundraising on the Net is the place to find web-based fundraising opportunities.
  • Charity awards can include significant financial or other prizes in recognition of achievements or competitions.

Funding strategies

Sustainable Funding Project is a first-stop shop helping voluntary organisations explore a full range of funding options to develop a sustainable funding mix. It is part of NCVO. It promotes thorough organisational planning, grant diversification and income generation as 3 key means of enhancing organisational financial stability.

Fit for Funding, from the Charities Information Bureau, provides advice via the web for community groups and voluntary organisations who are seeking funding.

Funders with useful web sites


Lottery related

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Online Grants

We haven't seen much development of tentative steps towards 'electronic grantmaking' which we mentioned some time ago. But check CyberGrants.Com - American of course, or Bell Atlantic Foundation (not got link info yet) who only accept online proposals.

Grants for Business plc (j4b), is developing online matching of companies wishing to distribute grants and charity grant-seekers.