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Areas of Concern

Updated 17/9/12

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Every voluntary organisation is concerned with some issue or another, whether they are providing services to members, campaigning or working with the disadvantaged. We can't possibly list every useful contact and idea for the wide spectrum covered by the sector. So we try to give an idea of good places to start, concentrating on web sites with a range of useful info. Their contact details should only be a click away.

We have used the following groupings:

Topic Reviews for more in-depth coverage of

This page


Apologies for the crude categories - anything more sophisticated would need more complex software and longer downloads!


Other sources of links:

  • Support bodies page, for organisations working in a subject area.
  • Local organisations may be best located via the community web sites under Local Contacts. Europe-wide networks are generally on European Contacts page.
  • We have tried to list organisations on the most relevant page (and not repeat all over the place). Try the site search facilities if you can't follow our logic.
  • See Information Sources page for charity directories and the like. If you know the name or registration number of a registered charity (England or Wales), you should be able to find it on the Charity Commission's web site.

Direct Action/Web Activism

See Campaign Resources for some other sites on web-based activism.

Government, democracy, media

See Lobbying page too (esp. Freedom of Information, Lobbying and PR issues). Alternative/progressive media are listed on Getting your message across.

(International) Civil Society

Conflict and Peace