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Areas of Concern


Updated 25/11/13

This page

Advice, Advocacy, Legal servicesDisabilities; Health / Medical;

Human Rights / Equality/ ImmigrationOffenders / Community Safety;

Poverty / Social Exclusion / WorkSocial Welfare / Care.


Areas of Concern home page to find a different category.

See our Self-Help and Support Groups page - largely dealing with health and disability issues for individuals. Those below are more about campaigning, general info or co-ordination of organisations working in the field.

Also see social care Regulatory Services.

Housing and homelessness have a separate page.

Apologies for the crude categories - anything more sophisticated would need more complex software and longer downloads! If you can't find it here, an organisation may be referenced on another page. Use our site or section menus, or try the search engines.

Advice, Advocacy and Legal services

Also see under specific issues; Umbrella bodies/networks.


See our Web Accessibility page for issues around internet use.


Also see Self-help/Support groups.

Human Rights, Immigration

See also Refugees (Communities page).

Offenders, Community Safety

Poverty, Social Exclusion, Work

Employment Rights are largely covered within our Employment Briefing page. Includes TUC.


Social Welfare / Care

See also Disabilities section above, and Children, Elderly on the Communities page.