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Campaigning Resources

Updated 25/11/13

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This page

Organisations and publications which can help you with developing a campaign.


  • Lobbying page which covers National, Local, European and Regional governmental contacts, political parties. Also Freedom of Information.
  • Regulatory bodies, including the Ombudsman, government audit.
  • Research resources page (issues of particular interest to the sector).
  • Dealing with the media and PR has mainly links to Press: directories, resources and listings; PR Services; Alternative media. Also something on the issues.
  • On the Areas of Concern 'front page' we have a Government/democracy/media section, covering censorship, electoral reform etc.

This activity can range from being pretty straightforward to very sophisticated - it depends on your resources and aims. Sometimes the quick and dirty approach can be more effective, if you happen to strike at a good time on an issue which hits the spot for your target decision makers/influencers.

There are remarkably few generally useful campaigning guides and courses around. Some organisations listed under Areas of Concern have their own campaign manuals focusing on their interests, so if you are involved in a like-minded body, why not ask? We have put together a page with a few tips and ideas from our own experience.

Lobby/research organisations

LMSC - the Legislation Monitoring Service for Charities, voluntary organisations and their advisers. 'Subscribers (are) kept abreast of developments in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels'. Policy as well as law, quarterly reports. 12 Little College Street, London, SW1P 3SH, phone 020 7222 1265, email:

Political Wizard provides various services for a fee, including parliamentary and political monitoring, other political information, and an online campaigning toolkit.

Organisations with specific concerns (who may well be lobbying and/or researching on those issues) are listed on VolResource under
- Areas of Concern or
- Function specific charity umbrella/membership bodies (eg finance, law) or
- Research resources e.g. Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Policy Research Institute.

Useful Publications

See Marketing Publications page for a number of titles on Campaigning and Communications.

Vacher's Parliamentary Companion. Basic information on all MPs and peers, government ministers etc. Regularly updated. A6 size (pocket sixe) £30-00 subscription, £10-50 single copies, A5 £35 sub, £11-50 single. Contact Vacher Dod Publishing, PO Box 3700, Westminster, London, SW1E 5NP, phone 020 7828 7256.

UKOP Online provides 'The complete catalogue of all official publications including both Stationery Office and departmental or "non-Stationery Office" publications from 1980 to the present'.

Campaigning help

Campaigning via the Net

Campaign sites