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Updated 25/11/13

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This page

  • Awards for charities and other voluntary sector organisations, generally recognising achievement (rather than being funding awards for future projects).


  • Keep an eye on the News pages for new awards or changes to existing ones. This may have more up to date info than this page.
  • Some information on grant making bodies.


This is a listing style page, connected with the Information Sources section.

There is a whole range of awards set up for the voluntary sector/those involved in it, but some are only available for registered charities. It is pretty rare that there is an entry fee. The entry or nomination procedure can be quite time consuming however, collating information and providing a well-written case. Given that who enters and judging criteria can be rather arbitrary, receiving an award (in our view) has limited meaning. But others will disagree, and cash or other tangible prizes can be very useful.

Dates, shown as launch/closing dates, are rough and often based on historic pattern. These, plus categories, prizes, criteria etc, may change.