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Volunteer Management

Taking Your Agency Global

Updated 20/5/13

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Contributed by Rebecca Jewell, Program Director for the International Volunteer Program, a 6-week volunteer exchange with the UK and the US. For more information about hosting a volunteer this summer, contact her at

Additional information

See Volunteering England's pdf document on Accepting volunteers from overseas (if link problem, go to VE's Good Practice Bank). The Immigration Directorate used to have a specific handbook section on voluntary workers from overseas - may reappear.


For agencies with intensive programs during a fixed time of the year, an international volunteer might be an ideal solution to the need for volunteers. However, hosting an international volunteer involves some advance planning. Here’s a quick how to on international volunteers…

Before they arrive:

Upon their arrival:

During their stay:

Saying goodbye:

Hosting an international volunteer can be en exciting, fascinating opportunity to learn more about another country, expose your clients to broader horizons, and lighten your work load during dense programming times.

For more information about finding an international volunteer, have a look at Idealist, VolunteerInternational, World Volunteer Web or other agencies on the VolResource Volunteering Opportunites section.